Children's Day: senators told Vestnik Kavkaza about protection of children in Russia

Children's Day: senators told Vestnik Kavkaza about protection of children in Russia

Today Russia celebrates Children's Day. On this occasion, Vestnik Kavkaza spoke with representatives of the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, senators Irina Hecht and Liliya Gumerova about the work on children protection that is being carried out by the state.

The Deputy Chairwoman of the Federation Council Committee for Agricultural and Food Policy and Environmental Management, the senator from the Chelyabinsk Region Irina Hecht stressed that today Russian children feel more free and more protected than in previous years. "In fact, we advanced far in this regard. In legislative terms, there is a national child protection strategy that includes, in particular, a concept of additional education, which is being developed, and the creation of public organization of schoolchildren, which is kinda successor of pioneers. It also takes the interests of children into account," she noted.

The government pays constant attention to the protection of children. "We are talking about systematic, planned work. Perhaps there was no session of the Federation Council, which would not discuss the law that directly or indirectly affects the interests of children, whether it is commission for minors, changes to the laws on education or on health care, all of this is related to children. A conceptual documents, of which I spoke, that are partially finished or partially under development - they are a big step in the path of protection of children's interests," Irina Hecht pointed out.

The first deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture, a representative of the executive body of the Republic of Bashkortostan Lilia Gumerova stated that on Children's Day, adults once again think about what should be done to ensure a happy childhood. "Last years can be called a breakthrough in terms of children protection in the Russian Federation. First of all, the national strategy of actions for children was adopted - the first comprehensive, very thorough document in modern Russia, which covered all issues of childhood in all areas. The strategy was not just approved, it also has adopted plan of implementation," the senator informed. 

A significant contribution in ensuring happy childhood is made by the Federation Council. "It was the chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko who became the chairman of the Coordination Council under the President of Russia on the implementation of the national strategy of actions for children," she said.

"First of all, a lot has been done in terms of improving demographic situation in the country. A number of measures contributed to this. Above all, it was maternity capital, its effect was extended until 2018. A big breakthrough was made in resolving issues of pre-school education and upbringing. Today we can proudly say that the country resolved the problem of waiting in pre-school educational institutions for 3 to 7 years old children. Five subjects still have it, but this problem will be resolved in the next year or two," she said.

"A very powerful step in the development of school educational system will certainly become the next stage in terms of childhood infrastructure development. I would like to say that unfortunately, today, 23% of children in Russia, and this is 2 million children, are studying in second and third shifts in 20% of schools. It is a very sad figure, and today the government allocates enormous funds, a program on the liquidation of second and third shifts and the creation of decent conditions for upbringing and education of our children was adopted," the senator informed.

"In conclusion, I would like say that all of our programs, laws and financial resources have already brought and will bring a great result," she concluded.