China and Russia become world leaders in trade

China and Russia become world leaders in trade

According to the data of the two countries' national statistical services, at the end of the past 2022, China and Russia became the world leaders in the growth of the trade balance.

Thus, China's trade surplus rose by 30% over the past year, to the highest ever recorded $877,6 billion. Russia increased its surplus by 1,7 times over the year - to a record $333,4 billion, becoming second among the world's largest economies, RIA Novosti reports.

Saudi Arabia is in third place with the highest trade surplus since 2012 of $221,3 billion, Norway is in fourth place, increasing its trade surplus by 2,7 times, to $164,3 billion. Australia closes this top five, since the growth of its trade balance amounted to almost 27%, to $123,1 billion.

Qatar showed a significant increase in trade. At the end of the year, it rose by five positions to sixth place, with a surplus of $97,5 billion. But Germany fell from second place to seventh immediately, its trade surplus fell by 2,4 times to $85,34 billion. Ireland is in eighth place with a trade surplus of $71 billion, Malaysia is in ninth place with $58,2 billion, and the Netherlands closes the top ten, where the figure fell by a quarter to $56,2 billion.

In general, in 2022, 26 major economies of the world recorded a $2,45 trillion trade balance surplus. A year earlier, growth was recorded in 32 world economies, but it was smaller - only $2,1 trillion.