China poses global question to US

China poses global question to US

At the World Trade Organization sessions in Geneva, where US foreign trade policy was considered, China demanded that America explain in writing the numerous unilateral protectionist measures and violations of generally accepted world principles of fair market competition. The relevant message was distributed by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

"At the meeting, the official representative of the Chinese side <...> pointed out the US withdrawal from multilateral trade mechanisms, the violation of economic norms and market rules. This affects the stability of global supply chains," TASS cites the statement.

The ministry clarified that, in accordance with the principles of the WTO, Beijing sent lists of 312 written questions to Washington in two sets. China took the initiative, stating its concerns and pointing out the demands made by the companies.

The Ministry of Commerce indicated that the PRC is dissatisfied with the large-scale discriminatory measures of the United States, which use subsidies in international trade, as well as the introduction of unilateral increased duties on Chinese goods, the abuse of export restrictions and protectionist measures.

"WTO members to a certain extent take a similar position, expressing concern about the trade and economic policy of the United States. In accordance with the rules, the American side is obliged to give a written response to all questions directed to it," the ministry said.