Crimea is likely to be closed for tourists if COVID-19 situation worsens

Crimea is likely to be closed for tourists if COVID-19 situation worsens

The authorities are not planning to close Crimea for tourists yet, however, such a measure is likely to be taken if the epidemiological situation continues to deteriorate, the republic’s Head Sergey Aksyonov stated at a meeting of the anti-coronavirus crisis center on Wednesday.

"To date, it goes about fifty-fifty: a half supports tightening the restrictions, while 42-43% are in favor of continuing to work. The situation is pushed to the brink, we need to balance, look for compromises that will allow us to avoid deaths, so life and health are our priority. <. ..> We are not going to do this yet, there are no such decisions or plans, but if the situation [with COVID-19] goes over the critical level, then we will have to," Aksyonov commented on the possible closure of Crimea’s tourist season. Meanwhile, he did not mention any specific parameters, at which the region would be closed for visitors.

According to the regional crisis center, Crimea has recorded about 56,000 COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, while over 47,000 people have recovered and 1,600 patients have died.

On June 22, amid an increase in the COVID-19 incidence, the Crimean authorities tightened the restrictive measures again, recommending to vaccinate workers in the tourism and service sectors. Until September 1, 2021, nighttime catering was prohibited, except for takeaway and delivery services, as well as leisure events. The sale of tickets in theaters and cinemas is limited, the halls are allowed to fill up to 50%. It was also prohibited to hold proms.