Crimean bridge car section opened for traffic

Crimean bridge car section opened for traffic

The motorway section of Russia’s longest bridge and one of the largest in Europe, the Crimean bridge, was opened for vehicles this morning. The first cars to enter the new bridge at 5.30 Moscow time were driven by local residents, including journalists, community leaders and veterans.

"During the first hour of traffic across the Crimean bridge - between 5:30 and 6:30 Moscow time - more than 500 vehicles crossed the bridge toward Crimea and over 600 toward the Kransodar Territory. The traffic continues in normal regime," TASS cited the Crimean Bridge information center's spokesperson as saying.

Drivers were informed that they are not allowed to make stops throughout the entire journey and the speed of their vehicles should not exceed 90 kmph.

The motorway section was expected to be unveiled in December, but was completed six months ahead of schedule. Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the opening ceremony on May 15, driving the lead vehicle of the construction equipment convoy.