Dozens of palm trees planted in Ochamchira

Dozens of palm trees planted in Ochamchira

© Photo: Vera Romashkina/Vestnik Kavkaza

Hundreds of palm trees will from now on grow in Abkhazia’s Ochamchira. In total, it is planned to plant about 300 exotic trees. Dozens of palm trees have already found their place on the city streets.

New palm trees will decorate the city of Ochamchira in Abkhazia this summer, local media report.

About 300 pains are planned to be planted along the central highway.

Today, 86 recently planted palm trees are already taking root on the main street. They were purchased by the administration on the budget funds and cost the city 2 mln rubles.

The planting took place over three days. Well-lit places with sufficient moisture were chosen for the palms. The soil was pre-fertilized and treated against pests and diseases.