Duty free opens in "Eternal City" in Samarkand

Duty free opens in "Eternal City" in Samarkand

The "Eternal City" has become even more attractive for foreign tourists visiting Uzbekistan. They can shop in the Duty free shop during the walk.

One does not have to carry purchases, they will be delivered to Samarkand airport and given to a foreigner before departure. Only foreign citizens can purchase goods in the store after showing a passport and a return plane ticket.

It is planned that two more Duty free shops will open on the territory of the ethnographic complex - in the Silk Road by Minyoun and Samarkand Regency Amir Temur hotels.

"Eternal City" Samarkand
The "Eternal City" is located on the area of 17 hectares, tourists can spend hours walking along the streets of the recreated ancient city with oriental flavor, visit craftsmen's shops, admire palaces and minarets, try unique national dishes.