EU and Ukraine launch dialogue on cyber security

EU and Ukraine launch dialogue on cyber security

The European Union and Ukraine have launched cyber dialogue, according to the European Union External Action's press release.

"On 3 June 2021, the European Union and Ukraine held their first cyber dialogue," the statement reads.

The EU and Ukraine reaffirmed their commitment to a global, open, stable and secure cyberspace, where the rule of law is fully respected, where the same rights that individuals have offline are also protected online, and where the security, economic growth, prosperity, and integrity of free and democratic societies is promoted and preserved. The EU expressed its solidarity with and support to Ukraine, which is facing cyber-attacks that seek to undermine its key infrastructure.

The EU and Ukraine provided updates on their respective cyber-related institutional settings, responsibilities as well as policy and legislative developments, including the update of the EU Network Information Security (NIS) Directive and the efforts by Ukraine to develop its cybersecurity-related policies and legislation, in alignment with the EU legal and institutional framework.