EU countries continue sanctions persecution of Iran

EU countries continue sanctions persecution of Iran

Last week, in Brussels Germany, along with eight other EU countries, presented a new package of sanctions against Iranian individuals and entities that are linked to the alleged brutal treatment of demonstrators in the Islamic Republic, the German magazine Der Spiegel wrote on the eve, citing sources.

The sanctions package contains 31 proposals, the implementation of which is currently under legal consideration. The list includes individuals and organizations from the security sector, as well as companies responsible for the alleged "violence and repression in Iran". It is expected that tougher sanctions against Iran will receive strongs support in the EU. In fact, this time we are talking about an asset freeze and a ban on entry, the magazine writes.

EU foreign ministers may decide on a new sanctions list against Iran at their next meeting on November 14.

Earlier, the EU imposed sanctions against 11 individuals and 4 legal entities of Iran, including the morality police. The EU explained this step as a violation of human rights in the country. At the same time, Lithuania and a number of other members of the community also called for sanctions against Iran for allegedly supplying UAVs to Russia. Reports of this have previously been refuted both in Moscow and in Tehran.

At the same time, the EU itself has rejected Iranian counter-sanctions against 12 individuals and eight legal entities from the countries of the community, EU Foreign Service spokesman Peter Stano said. This was motivated by the fact that Tehran's restrictive measures were introduced "for political reasons". "We reject these sanctions because they are politically motivated", he said.

Earlier in late October, the USA imposed sanctions against 14 Iranian officials and three organizations. According to Washington, they were responsible for the suppression of protests in Iran. The corresponding statement was distributed by the US State Department.

"Today (October 26), we are announcing a joint action between the State and Treasury Departments against 14 individuals and three entities," the statement said. In this way, Washington shows its commitment to use all possible tools to hold the Iranian government accountable at all levels. Following the United States, the Canadian leadership, against the backdrop of protests in Iran, also included dozens of IRI individuals and legal entities, including members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, in the economic sanctions lists.

Let us remind you that riots in Iran occurred after the funeral of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who, according to the official version, was detained by the morality police due to improper wearing of a headscarf. During the interrogation, she died after suffering a heart attack. However, information was spread on social media that Amini had been beaten by the police. Arrests of rioters took place in various cities of Iran.