EU preparing "anniversary" sanctions against Russia

EU preparing "anniversary" sanctions against Russia

The European Union's new package of sanctions against Russia may target four more banks, as well as 130 individuals and entities, media reported on Monday.


New financial sanctions are expected to be against four Russian banks, including Russia’s largest private bank, Alfa bank, the Politico newspaper reported on Monday, citing diplomats and officials.

The newspaper does not specify the names of other banks that may also fall under sanctions.

Entities and people

The list of entities and people will include Russian military leaders, officials appointed by Moscow in the new Russian regions, journalists working for Russian state media such as RT, as well as companies and individuals in other countries with links to the special operation, namely in Mali and Iran.

Export and import ban

The new package may also include a ban on the import of rubber and bitumen from Russia to the EU, as well as the export of a number of goods to Russia, including trucks and heavy vehicles used in construction, media added.

Additionally, Brussels intends to sanction a Dubai-based shipping company, suspected of helping Russia circumvent sanctions on oil exports.

Ban from entering the boards of directors

The European Union can also ban Russians from entering the boards of directors of EU companies associated with critical infrastructure, including those supplying electricity and gas.

The permanent representatives of EU states are now informing the authorities of their countries about the proposals of the European Commission, and on Wednesday, they will discuss a new package of sanctions.