EU reveals details of upcoming meeting with Armenian PM and U.S. Secretary of State

the Armenian PM's website

It is not true that EU-U.S.-Armenia meeting will be devoted to “security guarantees,” lead spokesperson for EU foreign affairs and security policy Peter Stano said.

"It is not true that EU-U.S.-Armenia meeting will be devoted to “security guarantees". It will not touch upon issues other than EU/U.S.-Armenia bilateral relations,” Peter Stano said.

He stressed that the focus will be on the sustainability of Armenia's economy and bilateral cooperation with the country, not the Armenian-Azerbaijani settlement.

"This will be an opportunity to discuss deepening co-operation with Armenia to strengthen its economy, building on the EU-Armenia bilateral partnership,” the spokesperson said.

The diplomat added that stable and sustainable Armenia means a stable South Caucasus.

"Our efforts are not directed against anyone, but in the interests of the entire region and its stability," Stano said.

The meeting of the Armenian Prime Minister, the European Commission President and the US Secretary of State will take place in Brussels in early April.

© Photo :the Armenian PM's website