Ekaterina Vinnik on Vesti.FM: Crimea is a cultural pearl on the map of Russia

Ekaterina Vinnik on Vesti.FM: Crimea is a cultural pearl on the map of Russia

The Crimean bridge opens up wide opportunities for domestic tourism for Russians, including ethnotourism, " an employee of the news agency Vestnik Kavkaza, Ekaterina Vinnik, said today in the National Question program on Vesti.FM radio station. Today’s program was dedicated to ethnotourism in Crimea.

"Crimea is a unique region not only because of its successful geographic location, but also due to its rich history and ethnic diversity. Therefore, on the peninsula, there is always something to see, regardless of the time of year, " Ekaterina Vinnik assured.

"Among multiplay cultural events that can be visited, national festivals are of particular interest due the opportunity to study the traditions of the peoples of Crimea. In May, the traditional festival of farming- Hıdırlez - is held. This is an ancient Turkic festival dedicated to the completion of spring works. The event attracts thousands of representatives of different nationalities who celebrate the holiday with dances, songs, folk festivals, games, "she told, adding that the main site of the festival is the ancient city of Bakhchisaray.

"In all cities of Crimea, concerts and various events dedicated to national, religious holidays are held. As it is known, the holy month of Ramadan has already started. It ends on June 15th, which will be celebrated with folk festivals and concerts in all the cities of the peninsula, "the employee of Vestnik Kavkaza drew attention.

"Those who want to get acquainted with the theatrical tradition of the Crimean Tatars, can visit the only theater of the Crimean Tatars in the world that turns 117 this year. The plays are both in Crimean Tatar and in Russian. Also there is an opportunity to visit the Khan Palace - the former residence of the Crimean khans, which is the only example of the Crimean Tatar palace culture in the world and a monument of universal importance. Lovers of history can also admire the medieval fortified city - Chufut-Kale,’’ Ekaterina Vinnik said.

"The number of historical monuments and structures in the Crimea is striking - these are the Eupatorian Kenasses, the Adzhimushka Quarries, the Chembalo Fortress in Balaklava, and the ancient Chersonesus. There are also many cultural events: the Genoese helmet in Sudak, the fish festival in Feodosia, the jazz festival in Koktebel, and NovemberFest. Crimea is a cultural pearl on the map of Russia that will charm any guest with its vivid variety and hospitality, "she concluded.