Electricity supply restored in Prikubansky district

Electricity supply restored in Prikubansky district

© Photo: Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

Today, electricity supply was restored in Prikubansky district of Krasnodar. The outage took place due to a double accident with kV cables. The accident affected over 4,000 Krasnodar residents.

Today, a large scale power outage took place in Krasnodar. The lights went out in houses and apartments of the Prikubansky district. The accident influenced over 4,000 Krasnodar residents living on 14 streets.

The outages occurred due to problems with kV cables integrity that led to the cessation of work of almost 70 substations.

According to the Krasnodar control room, the electricity supply was restored on Saturday evening.  At the moment, all houses and apartments in the Prikubansky district are provided with electricity.

How exactly the kV cables got damaged is not specified.