Environmental disaster in Armenia's Syunik?

Environmental disaster in Armenia's Syunik?

There was a breakdown in a tailing dump in Armenia's Syunik province and polluted water flowed into Vokhchi River.

"The governor of the province called me at around 9:00 AM, described the situation and told me that the river has grown brown," Territorial Administration Minister Suren Papikyan said, adding that every effort is being made to sort through things.

According to him, it is still not known who is the tailing dump owner, but the matter is related to the Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine, ARKA reported.

Emergency Minister Feliks Tsolakyan said referring to the report he has received that the owners of the tailing dump had tried to suppress the fact of the breakdown by carrying out a quick repair.

Prosecutor General Arthur Davtyan said that an investigation is under way. He noted that upon consulting with experts reasonability of opening a criminal case will be considered.