Erdoğan: Turkey's minimum wage to grow by 50% next year

Erdoğan:  Turkey's minimum wage to grow by 50% next year

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today announced the new minimum wage in the country for 2022, which will be 4250 liras.

"The national minimum wage for the coming year is 50% higher than the current rate. We strive to support workers and employers who form the basis of the country's economy," Erdogan said, Turkish news agency Anadolu reports.

During the pandemic, the Turkish government pursued a course to support the population and the economy, and these steps will continue, the Turkish leader assured, noting that from January 1, 2022, Turkey will also abolish income tax and fees from the minimum wage. This is aimed at protecting employers, whose workload will be reduced by 450 liras.

Also in the coming days, decisions will be made that will contribute to ensuring stability and economic growth in Turkey, the Turkish leader added.

The new national minimum wage is the result of negotiations between the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the country’s trade unions.

Let us remind you that in the outgoing year 2021, the minimum wage in Turkey was 3,577.5 lira without deducting taxes for a familyless employee and 2,825.9 lira - with deduction of tax.