Erdoğan calls on Armenia to get rid of harmful influence of foreign diaspora

Website of the Turkish President

Armenia should not miss the opportunity to conclude a peace treaty with the Republic of Azerbaijan and refuse pressure from Western partners. This statement was made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan during an event dedicated to the international exercise EFES-2024.

He noted that the Republic of Armenia had a unique opportunity to achieve sustainability in the region.

The President also emphasized that the future of the republic was connected with the states of the region, that is why the Armenian authorities must do everything possible to achieve stability in the South Caucasus.

"This opportunity should not be missed. Armenia must get rid of the harmful influence of third countries and its diaspora abroad, this will bring it closer to peace. In addition to this, the Armenian people must realize that their future is connected with the countries of the region, the neighbors with whom they coexisted for centuries, and will continue to coexist in the future. Armenia must also have the courage to do everything necessary to achieve these goals".

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