Erdogan keeps Turkey elections voting date

Erdogan keeps Turkey elections voting date

Turkey will hold its general election on May 14, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an address to the country’s parliament.

"Our nation will do what is necessary on May 14," he said in response to the opposition’s criticism of his government.

Erdogan pointed out earlier that May 14 was the best date for the election.

The Turkish leader noted that opposition members "visited earthquake-stricken areas to pose in front of cameras" and "were concerned about their property, while [the authorities] were taking care of the people." He added that his administration "maintains records" of the activities of opposition politicians, which "will be made public in due course."

Earlier, Erdogan announced plans to reschedule the general election from June 18, the deadline established by the law, to May 14 in order to hold the vote before the summer season of holidays and university exams. He is expected to officially announce the final date on March 10-11. The date can be approved by the country’s parliament or through a presidential decree.