Eric Weiner: journalism is about working with wisdom, not just information

Eric Weiner:  journalism is about working with wisdom, not just information

The second day of the 6th News Agencies World Congress in Sofia has started with the address of famous author and journalist Eric Weiner, who said that wisdom is important for journalism, since the journalistic profession is about wisdom in the first place, not just about working with information.

The correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza reported that Eric Weiner outlined eight principles of wise journalism.

1. No rush, check facts, study, think.

2. Surround yourself with creative people, it will help you to be more creative yourself.

3. Be a philosopher - ask as many questions as you can.

4. Travel, because a new place is a way to get perspective.

5. Instead of the word 'foreign' use 'international', look for connections with different countries, try to understand other cultures, do not be a stranger.

6. Pay more attention to local news, do not forget about the region where you work.

7. Talk to people in person.

8. Be positive, don't write about bad things only, write about good ones also.

These principles, according to the journalist, make journalism professional.

The 6th News Agencies World Congress - the largest platform for discussing the challenges of the new millennium and topical problems of journalism, traditional media and social media in the 21st century - is being held in Sofia on June 13-15. This event brings together experts and heads of world’s authoritative news agencies. TASS and Vestnik Kavkaza news agencies are participating in the event from Russia.