European Commission to help Türkiye and Syria

European Commission to help Türkiye and Syria

The European Commission will allocate more than 1.1 billion euros for the reconstruction of Türkiye and Syria after the February disaster. The main part of the sum will go to affected Türkiye.

The European Commission will support Türkiye by allocating 1 billion euros to the country. Syria will also receive assistance: 108 million euros have been allocated for humanitarian support and emergency reconstruction of the affected areas, the head of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen said.

Other European organizations and institutions will also provide assistance to the two countries, this have been announced in Brussels today, where International Donors' Conference has opened to help Türkiye and Syria.

The disaster occurred on February 6. It led to large-scale destruction and the death of thousands of people. At the moment, in Türkiye, the death toll has reached 50,1 thousand people. Nearly 10,000 people died in the earthquake in Syria.