First Lastochka arrives to Gagra

First Lastochka arrives to Gagra

© Photo: Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

Regular Lastochka Sochi-Gagra train was launched today. The maiden trip took 3 hours.

The high-speed electric train Lastochka made its first trip from Sochi to the Abkhazian Gagra.

Passengers who spent three hours in the train (including all the necessary procedures at the border) were welcomed at the station by artists who performed a traditional dance, as well as employees of Abkhazian Railways and representatives of the district leadership. Locals also came to see the train.

The director general of Abkhazian Railways, who was among the first to travel along the route, said that a total of 60 people were brought by the train. According to Arsou Chitanava, the trip was a success.