First presidential candidate registered in Russia

First presidential candidate registered in Russia

Russia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) has registered the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky as its presidential candidate today. He is the first to complete the registration process.

The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia nominated Zhirinovsky to run for president at the LDPR Congress held on December 20. Thereafter, on December 21, he turned in the documents required for nomination to the CEC. On December 22, the CEC registered the authorized persons representing both the party and Zhirinovsky, and granted him permission to open a special account to collect funds for his election campaign, TASS reported.

The Central Election Commission also authorized CEC member Igor Mokhovikov to represent Zhirinovsky’s interests during the election campaign.

Zhirinovsky submitted his nomination documents to the CEC on December 27, ahead of all other candidates.