Forest fires spreading in Türkiye

Forest fires spreading in Türkiye

© Photo: Vera Romashkina/Vestnik Kavkaza

Extreme heat at the beginning of summer in Türkiye led to a sharp increase in the number of ​​forest fires: in three weeks, 25.5 sq km of forests burned in the republic.

Alarming statistics on forest fires were announced today by Türkiye’s forestry department: according to its data, the number of fires in the republic's forests in the first three weeks of June has already exceeded their number for the same period in 2023 by 4.75 times: 399 comparing to 84.

The picture becomes even more alarming, considering the area of ​​forests burned over these three weeks: last year, it was 41 hectares, and this year, it is 2,548 hectares, that is, the intensity of fires has increased 62 times.

The climatic reason for the severe situation with forest fires is the extremely hot weather this June in Türkiye.