Garibashvili reveals how much to be spent on Georgia's infrastructure projects in 2024

the Georgian government's website

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said 6.7 million lari ($2.47mln) would be spent on infrastructure projects across the country next year, in comments on the final version of the state budget for next year at the weekly Government meeting.

According to him, “very important” projects were planned for next year and “active, effective work” and “timely decisions” were needed for their implementation.

"Almost 6.7 bln lari will be spent on infrastructure as a whole. An important part of this amount is the budget of [the Ministry of Infrastructure]”, Garibashvili said.

The PM added the Parliament and the Government had been working on the final version of the 2024 budget over the last three months, noting they “have gone through all the issues and initiatives that we will implement in 2024 one by one with ministers”.

Garibashvili stressed next year’s budget was being “conservatively planned” based on 5% growth, and added it would stand at 28.760 bln lari ($10.61bln).

© Photo :the Georgian government's website