Gas and electricity prices can be reduced in Armenia

Gas and electricity prices can be reduced in Armenia

Armenia’s newly appointed prime minister Karen Karapetyan called for revision of natural gas and electricity prices. Speaking at a government session Karapetyan asked the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC), the ministries of energy and natural resources and labor and social affairs to jointly discuss and submit proposals for the revision of prices.

According to the prime minister, the move should benefit in the first place socially vulnerable strata of the population ‘at the expense of other consumers’. He also said the revision of prices should secure a stimulating effect on the development of businesses, especially in the field of agriculture and processing industry. 

Karapetyan also pledged to step up the fight against corruption saying special commissions will be created to coordinate that job, ARKA reports.

"First of all, all government agencies must fulfill their functions; hence they need to ensure that unscrupulous and privileged, large businesses and importers comply with their tax obligations.’ 

"All these actions must be carried out without causing additional inconveniences to businesses," Karapetyan said.