Gazprom: gas reserves in European UGS record low

Gazprom: gas reserves in European UGS record low

Natural gas reserves in Europe’s underground gas storages (UGS) are at their lowest level during the long-term monitoring period and withdrawals are already above a half of the volume injected last year, Gazprom said on Wednesday.

"Gas reserves in European UGS are at their lowest levels for this season throughout the long-term monitoring history," TASS cited the company as saying.

More than a half of gas volume injected last year has already been withdrawn from underground storages in Europe, Gazprom added. Withdrawals reached 55.65 or 26.6 bln cubic meters of gas as of January 10.

According to Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), total filling of European UGS declined to 50.88% on January 10 and current stands at 54.93 bln cubic meters, nearly 18 bln cubic meters lower than last year.