Georgia closes border for Russian wheat exports to Armenia

 Georgia closes border for Russian wheat exports to Armenia

Starting from September 1, Georgia has introduced a ban on import of Russian wheat to Armenia by overland routes, according to the Armenian newspaper Zhamanak.

"Importing companies were already warned that they will no longer be able to import wheat from Russia through the territory of Georgia. Such shipments must be carried out only through the port of Poti," the newspaper writes.

The cargo transportation companies have already calculated the possible risks, having notified Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan about possible consequences and having asked him to react promptly to solve the problem, which is of strategic importance for the country.

"Russian wheat exports to Armenia will be allowed only by sea, which largely depends on the weather conditions. In addition, in such conditions, inflation is inevitable: wheat will rise in price to at least $50 per 1 ton, and many small businessmen engaged in freight transportation will be out of work," the newspaper cited the letter of the cargo carriers as saying.

The head of the Institute of Management Strategy, Petre Mamradze, speaking to Vestnik Kavkaza, drew attention to the sensationalism of this information. "I was somewhat amazed, because the current government is trying to pragmatically approach everything related to business, and not to irritate the Russian leadership in vain. I can't even imagine what could happen. Our government would not act in that way without any urgent need, without any other means," he said.

"I don't understand it now, but there should be some clear explanation which our authorities simply could not ignore. That is, the government was forced to do it," Petre Mamradze stressed.