Georgia debunks circumvention of sanctions against Russia

Georgia debunks circumvention of sanctions against Russia

© Photo: website of the Parliament of Georgia

The Chairman of the Georgian Parliament called the information about the republic circumventing international sanctions against Russia a lie. He emphasized that these conversations have been ongoing for the third year in a raw.

Georgia does not bypass anti-Russian sanctions, the Chairman of the country's parliament, Shalva Papuashvili, said.

“As soon as someone, a Georgian or foreign politician, Georgian or foreign media, accuses Georgia of circumventing sanctions, it is a lie. This has already become the rule. We must ask questions to those who can accuse Georgia of something,”

– the head of parliament said.

He stressed that over the past two years, the Georgian opposition, including parties financed from abroad, have been accusing Georgia of lying about evading sanctions using funds from the European Endowment for Democracy.