Georgia's Batumi flooded again as a result of heavy rain

Georgia's Batumi flooded again as a result of heavy rain

The streets of the Georgian seaside town of Batumi have flooded again due to heavy rainfall. 

Footage from Adjara TV station shows traffic has been seriously affected due to torrential downpour, which has flooded the first floors of houses in Batumi damaging furniture and other household items.

Landslides have intensified in the Adjarian village of Tsablana in Khulo municipality where seven families have been evacuated temporarily.  

A landslide swept away a 100-meter-long road, local media outlet reports. 

Tsablana’s mayor’s representative Raul Makharadze said that the landslide does not pose a threat to houses at the moment, however, he noted that ‘landslides may develop again as a result of heavy rains.’

The landslide also blocked the central road leading to the villages of Fushrukauli, Khadziri and Tkhilvani.

Heavy rainfall hit Black Sea coastal cities in Georgia on September 22 causing flooding and landslide. 

Weather forecasts say rain is expected till October 7 in Batumi.