Georgia's new Constitution comes into effect

Georgia's new Constitution comes into effect

The new Georgian constitution, which was adopted in 2017, has automatically come into play after the yesterday’s presidential inauguration.

According to the new constitution, "the state constitutional bodies shall take all necessary measures to ensure Georgia’s full integration into the EU and NATO."

It also reads that the 2020 parliamentary elections will employ a mixed electoral system and the election threshold will be lowered from 5 to 3 percent. At the same time, parties will be able to form political blocs, however only for the 2020 elections, reported.

From now on, Georgia will switch to fully proportional elections in 2024, MPs nominated by one political party will be able to form one parliamentary faction, MPs must be 25-year-old at least.

In addition, the Prime Minister is responsible for government activities and appointment and dismissal of ministers.

The opposition rights in parliament will be boosted, permitting them to create investigative commissions and others. Prosecutor’s Office will perform separately from the Ministry of Justice. Chief Prosecutors will be elected by parliament for six years.