Georgia's prime minister and ruling party chair to swap jobs

the Georgian Dream party website

A session of the Congress of the ruling Georgian Dream party elected Irakli Garibashvili, the country’s former Prime Minister who announced his resignation this week, as the party’s new chair, while nominating incumbent GD char Irakli Kobakhidze as his replacement. 

Garibashvili stressed Kobakhidze, who previously served as the Speaker of the Parliament, had been given “full legitimacy and mandate” by the Congress for his new role and urged attendees to support him. 

Kobakhidze, in turn, praised Garibashvili for “ensuring great success” for the country during his latest, three-year tenure, while also expressing gratitude to Ivanishvili for placing trust in him. 

Kobakhidze is expected to present his cabinet in the coming days, with the Parliament scheduled to vote on the composition next week.

© Photo :the Georgian Dream party website