Georgia suspends operation of checkpoint bordering Russia due to rains

Georgia suspends operation of checkpoint bordering Russia due to rains

Georgian authorities have decided to suspend the work of the Kazbegi customs checkpoint, located on the border with Russia, due to heavy rains, which damaged the road of international importance leading to the checkpoint, a statement issued on Monday by the Georgian Finance Ministry’s Revenue Service said.

"The Revenue Service of the Finance Ministry reports that due to the emergency situation caused by difficult meteorological conditions in the Darial Gorge, all customs control procedures have been suspended at the Kazbegi customs checkpoint," the statement said. The service specified that due to heavy rainfall, the Terek and Devdoraki rivers overflowed their banks and damaged a section of the road of international importance that leads to the border with Russia.

Thus, it is forbidden to transport goods to and from the territory of Georgia through this customs checkpoint. Individuals wishing to cross the border are not subject to customs procedures either. Employees of the customs checkpoint, as well as some of the passengers, were taken to a safe place. Once the weather conditions improve, the checkpoint will operate normally, the Revenue Service added.

It rained heavily in Georgia on Sunday night. The Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, which is near the border with Russia, was hit by the heavy rain. Houses, roadside cafes and restaurants were flooded and roads were damaged. On Monday morning, the rain stopped, and local authorities have already begun restoration work.