Georgia takes Rustavi 2 scandalous broadcast as personal insult

Georgia takes Rustavi 2 scandalous broadcast as personal insult

The Georgian people took the Rustavi-2 scandalous broadcast as a personal insult, because the provocateur's behavior denigrates the entire Georgian culture, member of the Izborsk club Maxim Shevchenko told Vestnik Kavkaza.

"Even those Georgians who consider Russia to be an occupier and don’t like Putin perceived this broadcast as a national insult. Because Georgians don’t express it that way,” he noted in the first place.

The expert stressed that the scandal will destroy the United National Movement opposition party, which controls Rustavi 2. "It is clear that Rustavi 2 is an opposition channel, cursing Ivanishvili, Russia and Putin in the framework of political struggle and political competition, but what happened is beyond the bounds of politics," Maxim Shevchenko pointed out.

"Gobunia is known as a person, to put it mildly, of not solid moral and ethical views. It is possible that he was paid for doing this. And the second option - he just lost his mind," a member of the Izborsk club added.

"The reaction to this provocation from the Georgian people and the Georgian authorities, in my opinion, is enough for Russia to show that Georgia is against such behaviour. Perhaps this situation will even mitigate the current Georgian-Russian crisis, since now it is clear to us that crazy people and idiots are in charge of this crisis," Shevchenko concluded.

A member of the ‘Expert Club of Georgia’ Vakhtang Maisaya has a similar opinion. “The United National Movement”, the ultra-radical opposition group controlled by Mikhail Saakashvili, is behind this dirty provocation and obscene vocabulary that cannot be used even against a sworn enemy. The goal of this dirty provocation was a new stream of Russophobia and to heat up the situation in the country coup d'état," he noted.

At the same time, neither the Georgian authorities nor ordinary citizens support provocateurs. "Both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the President and the Prime Minister immediately condemned this dirty provocation. Ordinary citizens condemned it as well. Against the background of these protests, the channel even had to stop broadcasting. Strong language is not acceptable,that's why it caused sensible and absolutely predictable reaction from the Georgian public," Vakhtang Maisaya concluded.