Georgian Dream not presinting candidate for Public Defender position

Georgian Dream not presinting candidate for Public Defender position

Ruling party Executive Secretary: nomination of Public Defender candidate will be “completely entrusted” to opposition and civil sector

Executive Secretary of the ruling Georgian Dream party Mamuka Mdinaradze announced that the party would not be presenting a candidate for the position of Public Defender, and the nomination of a candidate would be “completely entrusted” to the opposition and civil sector.

Mdinaradze said the party would be involved in the process only in case it would be “artificially blocked or sabotaged” by the opposition, and noted that the Georgian Parliament would register the change in regulations “immediately”, according to which the general criteria for the evaluation of the candidate would be written out.

The Executive Secretary added that anyone would be able to apply for the candidacy and the process of evaluation would be conducted transparently, in compliance with the 12-point conditions outlined by the European Council for granting the country the European Union membership candidate status. 

Based on the discussions with the opposition and the civil sector, the ruling Georgian Dream party will support the registration of a permanent rule regarding the transparency of voting for the election, which had been presented by Levan Ioseliani, the member of the opposition Citizens Party, and Mdinaradze added that the Georgian Dream party would also support the decision to make transparent other electing processes