Georgian Dream party pushes scandal with U.S.

Georgian Dream party pushes scandal with U.S.

Рead of the ruling Georgian Dream party Iraikli Kobakhidze said the response of the U.S. Embassy in Georgia to the statement of the country’s State Security Service’s that alleged an U.S. state programme’s funding of trainings of certain civil groups with the alleged goal of organising an “unrest” in Georgia was “concerning”.

According to Kobakhidze, “the public expects to hear from the Embassy that revolutionary processes will not be supported”.

In its response to the allegations, the U.S. Embassy rejected the USAID’s engagement in the developments as “false” and stressed the claims had “fundamentally mischaracterised” the goals of the country’s assistance to Georgia.

"I read the statement of the Embassy on this matter. I was shocked, I can tell you directly that we heard an absolutely concerning statement. Instead of seeing a distancing from the processes that are directly related to the preparation for a revolution, we saw a completely different statement, which is concerning”, Kobakhidze said.

He noted that the Georgian public wants peace, not a revolution.

"The public expects to hear a different position from the Embassy in this case - the position that they will not under any circumstances support revolutionary processes, although yesterday's statement was absolutely shocking and insulting to the Georgian public”, the ruling party head stressed.