Georgian Dream party wins in all major cities of country

Georgian Dream party wins in all major cities of country

On Saturday, residents of Georgia cast their ballots for the heads of 20 municipalities. Voters chose between the two best-performing candidates who did not score 50% +1 votes to win in the first round.

According to the head of the Central Election Commission, Giorgi Kalandarishvili, the second round of the elections was held in a competitive environment, despite the minor errors. "However, in general, for the voters who came to the polling stations, a covid-safe and professionally electoral environment was created,” Sputnik Georgia quotes Kalandarishvili as saying.

The current head of the city, Kakha Kaladze, won the mayoral election in Tbilisi with 55.6% of the vote. His opponent, the leader of the United National Movement party, Nika Melia, received 44.4% of the vote. Kaladze became the first leader of the Georgian capital to be elected for a second term.

Archil Chikovani, a candidate from the Georgian Dream, won in Batumi. According to the CEC,  50.947% of voters cast their ballots for him. In Kutaisi, a representative of the ruling party, Iosif Khakhaleishvili, won with 53.755% of the votes.

In Zugdidi, the candidate from the United National Movement, Anzor Melia, lost to his opponent from the Georgian Dream, Mamuka Tsotseria. The oppositionist received 47.87%, Tsotseria - 52.12% of the vote.