Georgian opposition promises to resume protests

Georgian opposition promises to resume protests

The Georgian opposition said that rallies will continue until the government ‘keeps its promise’ and allows the conduct of the 2020 parliamentary elections per the proportional electoral system. 

Protests sparked by the recent rejection by parliament to pass a bill on electoral reform will resume at 19:00 local time on central Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi after the rally was dispersed by police yesterday with the use of water cannons and saw 37 detained.

Demonstrators are now assembled in front of Tbilisi City Court where the trial of the detainees will take place soon, reported.

About ten tents are open on the avenue with several demonstrators who spent the night there. The avenue is open to traffic for now.

The demonstrators are accusing the current state leadership of "breaking its promise and cheating people" as the ruling party accepted the conduct of 2020 parliamentary elections on a fully proportional electoral system in the summer, during June protests in Tbilisi.