Georgian parliament fails to impeach President Zurabichvili

Georgian parliament fails to impeach President Zurabichvili

The ruling Georgian Dream party failed to impeach President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili as the proposal didn’t collect enough votes in the Parliament.

The 86-1 vote meant the impeachment failed as it required the support of at least 100 lawmakers of the total of 150.

The parliamentary opposition did not participate in the vote to rule out the possibility for some of its members to collude with the ruling Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia party, which came up with the impeachment bid.

On September 16, the Constitutional Court of Georgia ruled that the president violated the constitution by making working visits to European countries without the cabinet’s consent. The ruling paved the way for the impeachment vote in the parliament. The failure of the impeachment bid means Zourabichvili will remain in office as president.