Germany not to survive winter without Russian gas

Germany not to survive winter without Russian gas

Germany will not be able to do without Russian energy sources in the winter, as the country's gas storage facilities are not sufficiently filled, the head of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller said.

"Fuel storage tanks are almost 65% full. This is better than in previous weeks, but it's still not enough to survive the winter without Russian supplies. Maintenance work on the "Nord Stream" gas pipeline is due to begin on Thursday. Now a lot depends on whether the gas will go through the pipeline and in what quantity", RIA Novosti quoted him.

Müller also believes that despite the Nord Stream's shutdown, there was no significant price rise this week. "This may mean that the markets have already put a loss of Russian gas supplies in the price", he said.

At the same time, the head of the regulator gave his word that private households would not be left without heating due to the energy supply situation.

"Private households have the least to worry about. They have been provided with gas for the longest time, much longer than, for example, industry", Müller promises.

According to him, if Russian gas supplies are cut off, Germany will receive it from Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium or from its own LNG terminals in the future.

In conclusion, Müller warned that Germany would face gas shortages for two winters. "By the summer of 2024, the Economy Minister expects that we will be independent of Russian gas. But it is also true that prices will probably not be as low as before", the head of the regulator summed up.