Google marks Lev Landau's 111st Birthday with doodle

 Google marks Lev Landau's 111st Birthday with doodle

Google Doodle today celebrates the 111th birthday of Soviet physicist Lev Landau.

Landau was born in Baku on January 22, 1908, and later went on the win the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physics. In 1962, Lev Landau won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his research into liquid helium’s behaviour at extremely low temperatures.

He was only 13 when he began university and 21 when he finished his PhD, winning a coveted Rockerfeller scholarship which launched his career as a groundbreaking scientist.

Landau's accomplishments include the independent co-discovery of the density matrix method in quantum mechanics (alongside John von Neumann), the quantum mechanical theory of diamagnetism, the theory of superfluidity and the theory of second-order phase transitions.

"His wide-ranging research has linked his name to many concepts that he was first to describe including: Landau Levels, which are the focus of today’s Doodle, Landau diamagnetism, Landau damping, and the Landau energy spectrum," Google writes.