Great battle of intellectuals in Tbilisi from around the world

Great battle of intellectuals in Tbilisi from around the world

The 13th World Championship ‘What? Where? When?’ started in Tbilisi today. 59 teams from 24 countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, the former Soviet republics of the Caucasus, Israel, the US, Canada and Europe are to compete for the title of the strongest team in the world. Teams from Poland and Switzerland are participating in the game for the first time. 

A co-chairman of the organizing committee of the 13th World Cup, George Mosidze, said in an interview with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza "this is the grandest world championship of the game ‘What? Where? When?’ which has ever taken place. It's probably the so-called magic of Tbilisi which attracts a large number of tourists and connoisseurs. I think it will be a great game."

In addition, he thanked SOCAR, the general sponsor of the championship, for support. "Our general sponsor is SOCAR, which has been supporting us over the past five years in Georgia. In addition, we have Shumi. It is the official wine of the world championship, as well as the official cognac Sarajishvili and the official water Borjomi. So Georgia is represented in all of its best traditions," Georgi Mosadze said. 

The World Cup is actively supported by the Tbilisi Mayor’s office. Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania addressed a welcome speech to the experts at the opening ceremony. "First of all, we thank the International Association of Clubs ‘What? Where? When?’, because the decision to hold the intellectual world championship in Tbilisi was taken last autumn. 

''It's not just a game. It is a celebration of scholarship and an intellectual show that promotes knowledge,'' David Narmania said, wishing good luck to all the teams.

Before the beginning of the games, the master of ‘What? Where? When?’, a three-time winner of the 'Crystal Owl', Maksim Potashev, shared with Vestnik Kavkaza his impressions of the organization of the Championship: "It is really the most representative, the most powerful world championship in history. Apparently, there is a certain trend to increase the number of teams from year to year, involving more and more countries.’’

Renowned expert of the elite club ‘What? Where? When?’, presenter and general producer of the television game ‘What? Where? When?’ in Azerbaijan Balash Gasimov, said that the World Cup in Tbilisi is a good idea. "I know Tbilisi well. I am very happy that the World Championship is taking place here now. I am sure that it will be held at the highest level. This is a great holiday. I meet friends when I go to Tbilisi. It is great that SOCAR is the general sponsor of the Georgian version of the show ‘What? Where? When?’ Our countries and people have friendly relations, we have things in common in our history. I feel like at home here," the Azerbaijani intellectual told Vestnik Kavkaza. 

The XIII World Championship takes place over two days. The qualifying games took place today. As a result of the qualifying games, 18 teams will participate in the final games, which are to take place on Saturday, November 14th. 

They are five Russian teams and the best teams of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Great Britain, Georgia, Israel, Latvia, Moldova, the USA, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Finland, as well as two international teams.