Guinea citizen tries to illegally cross Armenian-Turkish border

Guinea citizen tries to illegally cross Armenian-Turkish border

Russian border guards in Armenia have apprehended another trespasser at border with Turkey.

Russia's frontier guards at the Artashat border guard detachment division have detained a person who had illegally crossed the Armenian-Turkish border along the Araks River, the press service of the Russian Border Guard Department in Armenia said.

The trespasser is a citizen of Guinea born in 1993. The criminal claimed that he arrived in Tehran from Guinea to enter a university. After arriving in Tehran he got acquainted to a taxi driver and asked him to tour him around the country. The taxi driver had allegedly brought him to Turkey bypassing checkpoints. In Turkey the driver took his passport and put the entrance seal of the Turkish checkpoint.

The Guinea man said for two days he lived in an abandoned building in Turkey, where he had the money and mobile phone stolen. In search of food, he crossed the river Araks, thereby violating the state border.

The detained was handed over to Armenian law enforcement agencies, reported.