Gunman holds several hostages at Moscow bank

Gunman holds several hostages at Moscow bank

A gunman took several hostages in a bank in eastern Moscow, according to police sources, Sputnik reports.

The gunman entered the building with a pistol, demanding money. The hostages are reportedly employees of the bank, who pressed a panic button to alert police to the gunman.

"At 20:37 a call came in, that an unknown person in a mask with a pistol broke into the bank and threatened staff, not letting them out of the room," the Moscow police said in a press statement. "Police cordoned off the area and took action to free the hostages."

Police confirm that the gunman has been shot by Special Forces and is dead. Authorities fired on the hostage-taker as he attempted to blow himself up.

A source confirms that the incident resulted in zero casualties among police and hostages.