Moscow saved from series of ISIS terrorist attacks

Moscow saved from series of ISIS terrorist attacks

Russia's intelligence service (FSB) detained members of a terrorist group, which united a Russian national and citizens of the Central Asian region, who had plotted in the Moscow region a series of terrorist attacks, the service said.

FSB "stopped activities of the terrorist group, which plotted a series of terrorist attacks in public places, including on transport and in Moscow's big shopping centers, which use of suicide terrorists and powerful explosives," the service said in a statement.

"In a special operation, were identified and detained members of a terrorist group, including a curator - an emissary of the ISIS international terrorist organization, outlawed in Russia, who is a specialist in making explosives, and two suicide terrorists," TASS cited FSB as saying.

The service also found a laboratory for making explosives.

It was added that  the terrorist attacks had been plotted by leaders and emissaries of the ISIS international terrorist organization in Syria, including Nazarov T.M. and Sirindzhonov A.M. - head of the IS demolisher school, both are on the international wanted list.

Head of the Department of Political Science of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Gevorg Mirzayan, in the first place noted that to date, the degree of threat to Russian citizens from international terrorist groups, including ISIS, is quite high.

"There is a huge number of immigrants from Central Asia in the Moscow region, and we know how strong the radical sentiment is in this region. It is clear that something needs to be done about it. Imposing measures to increase control is only a temporary solution, since all terrorist acts can not be prevented. We need a comprehensive state program for the de-radicalization of this population, for their integration into Russian society, for raising the level of education, etc," the political scientist said.

At the same time, he compared ISIS with a disease that spreads farther and farther. According to him, civilians should also participate in the fight against ISIS.

"The state needs to integrate these people into Russian society, improve the level of education, improve the social conditions. That is, people must understand that the state in which they work can provide them with social justice," Gevorg Mirzayan concluded.

The deputy director of the Political and Military Analysis Institute, Alexander Khramchikhin, in turn, focused attention on the fact that today ISIS threatens all countries, but Russia is one of its main goals. "If ISIS is destroyed by military means in Syria and Iraq, its militants will go underground. It will be another Al Qaeda," the expert said.

"Citizens need to report about suspicious things. As for the state, apart from operational work inside the country, it is necessary to fight terrorists at maximum distance from Russian borders, that is, in the Middle East. Ideological work is needed. The work of traditional Islam, which excludes radicalism, must be conducted among Muslims," Alexander Khramchikhin summarized.