ISIS-linked terrorist cell exposed in Russia's Tatarstan

ISIS-linked terrorist cell exposed in Russia's Tatarstan

A terrorist sleeper cell, which had links with ISIS terrorist group, has been exposed in Russia's republic of Tatarstan, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) said.

The terrorist cell members were planning to carry out attacks in Russia. The cell was recruiting radically-oriented young people to implement its terrorist plans. It was also looking to hold a series of high-impact activities in Russia and then join militants in Syria.

A total of 18 people have been detained on suspicion of ties to the cell, which is said to have stocked extremist literature and ISIS equipment.

"At the time of removing weapons from the stash in Naberezhnye Chelny, one of the group members was captured on the spot. Six other members and 11 affiliated citizens were detained. Firearms, ammunition, extremist literature and ISIS paraphernalia were seized during searched at 18 locations," Sputnik cited the FSB as saying.