Important equipment delivered to future Akkuyu NPP

Important equipment delivered to future Akkuyu NPP

A polar crane with a lifting capacity of about 400 tons was delivered to the Akkuyu nuclear power plant's construction site in the Gulnar district of Mersin province, the press service of Akkuyu Nükleer AŞ reports.

The acceptance of the crane at the cargo terminal "Vostochny" took a day, it is intended for the Akkuyu NPP's unit 1.

First Deputy Director General, Director of the NPP under construction Sergey Butskikh said that the polar crane's delivery to the first power unit is one of the most important logistics operations this year.

"The cargo was sent from the TYAZHMASH plant to the port of St. Petersburg, and from there it was delivered by sea to the Vostochny cargo terminal. After assembly, the crane will be installed under the reactor building's dome and will undergo a series of tests before commissioning", Anadolu quoted him.

Polar cranes are located under the nuclear power plant reactor building's containment dome, they are needed to move cargo in the reactor building.