Ingushetia celebrates its 30th anniversary

Ingushetia celebrates its 30th anniversary

Today, the Republic of Ingushetia is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated residents of the North Caucasus region on the holiday.

"The formation of the republic is a great, truly historic event in the fate of the Ingush people, in the strengthening of Russian statehood. It is gratifying that you are sincerely proud of the many generations of your fellow countrymen who made a significant contribution to increasing the military and labor glory of the Fatherland, preserving the richest cultural and spiritual heritage of our multinational Motherland. And most importantly, strive to adequately solve the in-demand tasks in the region," the head of state said in a congratulatory telegram.

The Russian leader recalled that new enterprises and objects of the agro-industrial complex are opening in the republic, transport, construction and tourism industries are developing.

Putin urged not to stop, to work hard, to pay special attention to attracting large investments, implementing large-scale social and infrastructure projects, creating modern jobs and improving the quality of people's lives.

The Head of the region, Makhmud-Ali Kalimatov, also congratulated the inhabitants of Ingushetia on the holiday.

"Today, we remember with deep respect the worthy representatives of our people who stood at the origins of the formation of the Ingush statehood, who made a great contribution to its formation and development. We express our sincere gratitude to our compatriots who glorified the Republic of Ingushetia far beyond its borders, to everyone who is involved in the fate of our small Motherland, who has worked for many years and continues to work for the sake of its prosperity," he wrote in his Telegram channel.