International Gymnastics Challenge takes place in Baku

International Gymnastics Challenge takes place in Baku

This weekend, the capital of Azerbaijan is hosting the 2nd Baku International "Gymnastics for All" Challenge. Gymnasts from four countries are participating there.

The grand opening took place in Baku the day before.

A member of the Technical Committee "Gym for All" of European Gymnastics noted that the number of teams participating in the festival had increased by 17 this year.

"We hold the Baku International "Challenge" on "Gym for All" every year. And if last year 44 teams participated, this year the number of teams has increased. 867 gymnasts from 61 teams are taking part in the 2nd Baku International "Gymnastics for All" Challenge. It is a great pride for us that the number of gymnasts is increasing from year to year",

Ruslan Eyvazov said

Let us remind you that the participants of the gymnastics festival perform in two age categories: under 50 years old and over 50 years old. This sports festival unites people regardless of age and level of physical fitness. As part of the festival, various master classes and entertainment programs are organized for representatives of all age groups.