Iran awaits release of $7 billion in frozen funds

Iran awaits release of $7 billion in frozen funds

A regional country has mediated between Iran and the United States for the "simultaneous release of prisoners," Iran's Nournews said on Saturday, shortly after Tehran allowed an Iranian-American businessman out of prison on a one-week furlough.

"In recent weeks, intensive talks, with the mediation of a regional country were held for the release of Iranian and American prisoners," the semi-official news agency said, not specifying which country was the mediator.

It also said that "Billions of dollars of Iran's frozen assets because of the U.S. sanctions will be released soon."

The United States is bringing countries closer together by imposing economic restrictions against them, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said earlier. According to him, Washington's sanctions policy is doomed to fail.

Several countries are under U.S. sanctions. By acting this way, they are forcing them closer together, strengthening their unity. And that makes U.S. sanctions ineffective, Raisi said.