Iran completes military operation against Israel


The Islamic Republic of Iran carried out Operation True Promise against Israel and has no plans to continue it. This statement was made by the head of the General Staff of the Iranian army, Mohammad Bagheri, during his speech on an Iranian television channel.

According to him, the target of the attack was an information center that transmitted information for an Israeli attack on the Iranian mission in Damascus.

Iranian military forces also attacked the Israeli Nevatim airbase.

"The operation on our part is completed, but the Armed Forces are in a state of high alert, and if necessary, we will go into battle",

Mohammad Bagheri said.

The night before, the Iranian army attacked Israel with several hundred drones and missiles.

According to the IDF, 99% of the projectiles and drones were intercepted. At the same time, minor damage was noticed on the territory of the military base.

© Photo :IRNA