Iran halal food office to open in Armenia?

Iran halal food office to open in Armenia?

Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Investments of Armenia, Emil Tarasyan, received economic affairs officer Abbas Ghorbani of the Iranian embassy, reports.

In particular, they discussed the founding of a halal food—i.e. food that is permissible according to Islamic law—office in Armenia.

Tarasyan underscored Armenia-Iran cooperation, and noted that the opening of a halal food office in Armenia will give new impetus to increasing Armenian exports to Iran. In addition, the Armenian official stressed the need for having certification agencies in Armenia and Iran and mutual recognition of relevant authorities.

Ghorbani, for his part, stated that the Iranian embassy in Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan is interested in cooperation with Armenia, and it spares no effort to develop relations between the two countries. He likewise highlighted the founding of a halal food office in Armenia. Ghorbani added that Armenia-made products are very high quality, and Iran also looks toward an increase in Armenian exports.

The interlocutors also underscored the organization of mutual visits between the representatives of the relevant authorities of the two countries.

Furthermore, Emil Tarasyan and Abbas Ghorbani reflected on Armenia-Iran-Eurasian Economic Union cooperation, and the creation of a free economic zone in Meghri, Armenia.